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About Us

Fellow Hunters,

             I am proud to announce the formation of the Oklahoma Predator Hunters Association.  This is a club based out of Oklahoma and is to primarily benefit predator hunters.  We should strive to help the public in understanding our position on all things hunting and outdoor issue related. 

 We have a core foundation that this club is based on.  This foundation is to promote our sport in a positive light so that we can educate fellow hunters and potential sportsmen/women.  Additionally, with the formation of this club, we will be trying to actively promote our ideas and ethics towards a new generation of callers and hunters.  The children of Oklahoma deserve the same rights while growing up today as most of us had when we were kids.  I want to see this club and its members devote time, effort and energy into those things that will strengthen the youth of today and the leadership of tomorrow.

 While our membership has no limitation on color, gender, orientation, or creed, it is already obvious that the majority of members will be male hunters over the age of 18.  This does not say though that we won’t encourage others to join up. We are offering a junior membership for those children that want to actively participate in club activities. Also, we are offering an auxiliary membership for spouses that want to be social, and attend the non-hunting activities. Both the junior and auxiliary memberships are offered at a discounted rate.  We here at the OPHA want to include as many people as we can in our events and activities, so that we can come together as a close-knit unit or family.

 With all of us banding together, this will allow us to have a consistent voice, one that is much louder than just 20 or 30 people put together.  This voice will be directed towards our governing bodies, the Wildlife Department, and those groups and individuals that want to take our rights away from us.  With this voice, we will be able to defend ourselves from those that want to do harm to the average persons’ rights to hunt, fish and own firearms.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself, or any other member of the board. We will be able to help you with your ideas, questions, or concerns.


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